A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A first-person robot hacking adventure, controlled by text, in a world where everything is wifi-enabled.  Content is limited, but explore your surroundings, escape the base, and send a message.

Made on a delayed (but delightful!) train in about 72 hours for Train Jam 2019, the theme was "Circuitous".


  • Micky Enoch (development and design)
  • Jerry Belich (cool ideas and design)
  • Elliott Davis (our single unique model!)
  • Assets from Kenney (on the official Train Jam USB stick - some kit-bashed together to create the robots!)

Special thanks to the Amtrak crew!

Extra special thanks to Adriel Wallick and John Lindvay for organizing Train Jam!


Linux.zip 17 MB
Mac.zip 44 MB
Windows.zip 26 MB

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