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Introducing Wind Racer - I wanted to make an aeroplane racing game that didn't rely on rings, or invisible canyons, it's intended to be a bit more open and dynamic. More info on the idea behind this game over on my dev blog here.

Best played with a joypad, here's how:

  • Left stick to roll and pitch your plane (arrow keys on the keyboard)
  • Bottom left action button (usually X or A) to release your plane at the start, and to accelerate (space bar on the keyboard)
  • At the start of the race if you try to release too soon you will get a penalty - only hit release / accelerate when it says GO!
  • While flying, hold down accelerate if you don't want to crash
  • If you do crash, hit Esc to get back to the menu and start another race
  • Fly left of yellow balloons, right of red balloons, and below blue balloons - arrows will help you remember this
  • Each time you pass a balloon up to 5 in a row will improve your top speed
  • Each time you miss your top speed takes a penalty, so don't cut corners!

Forgive the placeholder art and sound effects! Also the collision is off on most objects and the other planes.

This is a prototype hacked together in a couple of weeks, I haven't had chance to explore more dynamic courses yet, the focus so far was on just getting the basics up and running as quickly as possible.

I'd love to hear from you if it's the sort of game you'd like to play when it's finished, as I haven't really established whether there's a viable market for it yet!

Music from Kevin MacLeod's excellent collection - http://incompetech.com/


WindRacer_Mac.zip 37 MB
WindRacer_Windows.zip 37 MB